cuíer A.P. (or shiva’s oriki)

we will destroy everything you love
and everything you call “love”
we shall destroy

cause you call “love for the country”
what is racism
you call “love for god”
what is fundamentalism
you call “love for the family”
what is homophobic sexism and
you call transphobia “love for nature”
you call “love for safety”
what is militarism
and capitalism
you call “love for work”
what you call “love for mankind”
is speciesism, and your “love for the Word”
it’s just a historical case of bad translation (how
conveninent for you, calling god as a he),
let’s face it (after all, we are your cuíer
apocalipse). and what you call
“love for freedom”, ‘justice’,
your civilization is what
is killing life and
kill us all

but we strive

who sur

it’s already begun, can’t you
feel the ground

it’s our hearts

cause we you doom
lost we are the


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